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The Best Vegan Hair Treatment

Soin hydratant aux pouvoirs bienfaisants de la Juvexin V2 et de l'huile de Coco. Soin capillaire professionnel con. . .
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Soin hydratant aux pouvoirs bienfaisants de la Juvexin V2 et de l'huile de Coco. Soin capillaire professionnel concentré en HUILE DE COCO, VITAMINE E ET EXTRAITS DE BAIES DE GOJI, ce traitement agit jusqu'au cœur de la fibre capillaire en ravivant la force et la brillance des cheveux, les rendant lisses et soyeux. La JUVEXIN V2 un agent lissant et végan, reconstruit les couches internes pour ajouter du corps et de la tenue. Ce n'est pas pour rien que ce soin lissant végan s'appelle "The Best", et qu'il est validé par les meilleurs coiffeurs. Achetez dès maintenant pour les meilleurs résultats anti-frisottis
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Lavez les cheveux deux fois avec le shampoing pH+ pour ouvrir les cuticules avant l'application. Laissez poser chaque shampoing pendant trois minutes pour ouvrir correctement les cuticules. Évitez de masser le cuir chevelu. Divisez la chevelure. Appliquer à 1/2 cm du cuir chevelu. Laissez poser 40 à 60 minutes. Rincez les cheveux à l'eau tiède pour éliminer tout résidu de The Best Coco. Si les cheveux sont colorés ou poreux, faites un shampoing avec le Moisturizing Shampoo GK Hair puis rincez. Appliquez le masque Deep Conditioner, laissez poser cinq minutes puis rincez. Séchez les cheveux et passez le fer à lisser pour sceller les cuticules.

Juvexin V2 : Un mélange spécial de superaliments protéinés qui dompte instantanément les cheveux indisciplinés. Extraite de sources végétales naturelles de Pois et de Quinoa, la Juvenix V2 répond à la fois aux principes vegan et au respect de l'environnement. Elle reconstitue la protéine de kératine naturelle des cheveux mise à mal par le coiffage et l'utilisation d'outils chauffants. Elle constitue un bouclier protecteur pour éviter aux cheveux les dommages futurs. 

Huile de Noix de Coco : hydrate en profondeur, des racines aux pointes. Elle lisse les mèches rebelles et démêle les pointes sèches pour combattre les frisottis et rendre les cheveux magnifiquement lisses. 

Vitamine E : Riche en antioxydants, elle a un double effet en restaurant l'élasticité des cheveux et en offrant une protection supplémentaire aux pointes cassantes. 

Baies de Goji : Elles ont un impact détoxifiant sur les cheveux et préviennent la casse.

Nourrit les cheveux Réduit le temps de coiffage Lisse et renforce Application facile

The Best Vegan Hair Treatment


Capte l'hydratation et dompte les frisottis et mèches rebelles pour un look parfait

The Best Vegan Hair Treatment


Renforce les cheveux en ecourageant la repousse

The Best Vegan Hair Treatment


La Juvexin Vegan prévient la dégradation et restaure la brillance naturelle des cheveux.

The Best Vegan Hair Treatment
The Best Vegan Hair Treatment

Customer Reviews

Based on 105 reviews
3c to 3a - worked like a charm!

I used the product as a texturizer and it worked like a charm. I wanted to loosen my 3c curls as management was getting a little labor intensive. I followed the package instructions very precisely and washed my hair after two days. I was left with really cute ringlets and I love them. My husband helped me apply the product to my hair in the back but otherwise I was able to do it all on my own. I would highly recommend this product. I only used about 1/4 of the bottle, so I essentially get four keratin treatments for $80 - a huge bargain!

Dani Escobar
Check pictures!

I AM SO EXCITED I FOUND THIS PRODUCT! I am of Colombian ethnicity and my hair has always been curly, frizzy, and on the drier side. My hair is is also damaged from frequent heat styling and a few dye jobs. This keratin treatment made my hair feel a thousand times softer, less frizzy, and a lot straighter. I still have a few waves left in my hair, but I also did not use clarifying shampoo pre-treatment (because I didn't want to strip the color or toner from my hair). That said, this product is still amazing and I am so glad I gave it a shot! I also only used 1/4 of the bottle, and I have very long hair!PRE-TREATMENT: I did not use clarifying shampoo as instructed because I did not want to strip dye or toner from my hair. Instead, I washed with a sulfate free shampoo 3x and did not use conditioner. Then, I allowed my hair to air-dry.THE APPLICATION: I strongly suggest doing this project in a very well ventilated area + using gloves. I sectioned my hair and then used a brush to paint the product onto the top half of the strand. I then used a very-fine tooth plastic comb to brush the product through the ends. After my whole head was covered, I let the product sit and air-dry for about 30 minutes before blow drying on low heat. Finally, I straightened the heck out of my hair. I used a ceramic straightener at 390˚F (I didn't want to fry my hair) and straightened sections until there were no longer visible fumes or "steam" coming the hair after passing the straightener from it. After this process, I was expecting silky smooth hair. However, my hair felt filmy, sticky, and kind of gross. Looking back, I may have used too much product. I stuck it out for 24 hours, and then washed. After shampooing in the shower, I immediately knew the treatment had worked. My hair felt very soft and smooth, even while wet!THE FUMES: This product does have formaldehyde in it (2%). I strongly suggest wearing gloves and performing the treatment in a well ventilated area. The fumes are VERY unpleasant and carcinogenic. I did the treatment outside on my porch, with a box fan pointed straight at me. This made the fumes totally tolerable.THE RESULTS: I attached pictures but they do not do justice to the silkiness of my cuticles . The left is immediately pre-treatment, and the right is after the first wash. My hair is not pin-straight, but I also did not follow the directions completely (I skipped the clarifying shampoo and 450˚F). That said, my hair is SO much silkier and straighter. I will update with how long this lasts :)UPDATE: It's been a month and my hair is still silky! I haven't noticed any changes yet but will again update when my hair returns to its fried, dry, normal self and I need to re-do the application

Great for the Price

I hardly ever write reviews, but this product deserves it. I'll give a full detailed account of my experience:MY HAIR:I am Polynesian-Italian, so I have incredibly thick, medium length, wavy/curly, course hair. My hair takes forever to style, is stubborn, always needs a ton of styling product, can never just get up and go. I had been getting blowouts professionally, but stopped about a year and a half ago because the price is just too high. Since then I've been trying ones to do myself, ranging between Cappola to Organix, but everything 'til this has been a disappointment. I was skeptical to buy this because there were so few reviews, but most of them were good, so I held my breath and bought it.PROCESS:I washed my hair with clarifying shampoo THREE TIMES; blow dried my hair on medium heat; sectioned my hair and added the product (I didn't have a brush so I just used gloves and poured the treatment into a small bowl)-this part was a little tricky at times because my hair would start to dry a little after adding the treatment and I was unsure if I added too little. I went over those spots, but if you do NOT have incredibly thick hair, I wouldn't recommend that for fear of over saturation; I brushed my hair with a fine tooth comb constantly to even the distribution; let it sit of 30 minutes; blow dried again on medium heat; straightened (in the bathroom with fan, open window, plus an extra fan I brought in blowing directly on my face) about 1 in. x .5 cm of hair at 450ºF and STRAIGHTENED EACH SECTION 7-10 TIMES I wouldn't recommend 10 times if you don't have strong hair, but like I said, I'm Polynesian-Italian, my hair can withstand anything. From start to finish, the process took me about 4 hours.RESULTS:I waited 4 days to wash. During the time my hair looked normal, not oily or greasy. It felt smooth and mostly soft, but if you ran your fingers through it, it did have a slight filmy texture. This was completely bearable, I went to work before washing it out and I didn't look grungy at all. After washing, I let it air dry, which is a scary thought because if I do this, I usually look like Tina Turner. It took awhile for my hait to dry because it's so thick, but the results were incredible. My usually unmanageable hair dried almost entirely STRAIGHT AND SOFT. The ends had a slight poof to them, but almost NO FRIZZ. I couldn't believe it. This has cut so much time out of my morning routine. When I style my hair now, I do have to do a few touch ups with the flat iron, but his usually only takes 5-10 minutes at most (before straightening took 1.5 hours!!). I also have enough product to do the treatment again.CONS:The 2 day free shipping was great, however when I received my bottle, it had opened and about a teaspoon of product had spilled in to the shipping package.But to put it into perspective, receiving messy package immediately annoyed me and so I expected the results to be nothing to mediocre at best- which luckily wasn't the case. So despite this happening, I still rate 5 Stars.There were fumes, my eyes did get a little irritated and watery-but this is expected. The same thing happens when you get it done in a salon. When my eyes became too itchy, I just took a few minutes to step out. No scalp burning/tingling. I have asthma, so I tried not to breath it in as much as possible, and had a fan blowing directly at my face, but overall this did not bother my lungs at all.FYI:It's been almost a month since I did the treatment and results are still about the same. My hair does have a little bit a wave coming back, but it's minuscule and actually looks good. I use WEN conditioning cleanser and an inexpensive shampoo from Fred Meyer, both sulfate free. I only use shampoo about once a week, otherwise WEN each shower. Wash my hair about 3 x per week.I know this a super long review, but I'm a skeptic who doesn't believe in most products. This really does work. I will keep using it. I'm incredibly satisfied with the results. I've recommended it to my friends, sister and mom.

Keratin research!!! Thank you! Thank you! Best hair of my liife!

I cannot tell you with words how fantastic this product really is... I know this product has a lot of reviews therefor my review may not seem necessary but I have to tell you that this is the best keratin treatment you'll ever come by. After applying the treatment my hair is extremely soft my curls are almost gone and my hair is just ...did I say SOFT??? And super shiny. If you read the bottle it says you'll wake up with beautiful hair everyday... Well let me tell you that it is absolutely true! I wake up with beautiful beach waves that I can't stop touching... I'm like a teenager on a first date...cannot stop touching my new soft shiny, freeze free hair. Now I can style my hair straight and it'll stay that way no matter how humid and hot the day may be. And if you are wondering... No I did not get paid to post this review nor I am a robot. If you have questions do ask me. I know what it like to blow dry your hair pin straigh just to see it like that until you think about humidity.How I applied the treatment:It is a must that you wash hair with clarifying shampoo at least three times, and please wash it like you are trying to take out a stain from clothes ( delicate clothes though) after that, blow dry hair straigh and then devide hair into three sections. Take the product and pour about three ounces (for just past shoulder lengh hair) into a container, Then start by taking very very small sections of hair and then wearing gloves dip three fingers in the product and work it into hair from top to bottom, now use the small thoothed comb and comb the section a few times making sure it's saturated but almost no product it's coming out infront of the comb, if more than half a penny size it's coming out you are applying too much product, do this with the whole head and then blow dry hair using a brush to dry it straigh... This will help tremendously when you start flat ironing. When flat ironing make sure that you take very small sections of hair as this will ensure amazing results, make sure that sections are not more than a quarter inch thick and Definately make sure that they are smaller than the width of your flat iron.Ps make sure you blow our your hair outside of your house an use a fan when flat ironing the hair. Enjoy your new hair.


Background Story:I never write reviews but felt obligated to write one for this product because I was skeptical of trusting the other reviewers (not that there's anything wrong with their posts, I'm just a naturally skeptical person especially when trusting online reviewers). I'm not going to lie, I was very nervous to try this when I first ordered it. I spent endless amount of time looking up reviews outside of gk, watching youtube videos and trying to find blogs specifically reviewing Keratin Research. As a child, I had naturally thick curly hair...Shirley Temple type hair. But as I got older, plus years of color treatment and frying with hair iron/blowdryer, my hair became extremely frizzy, puffy and wavy. My hair is deceivingly thick and course. On average, it takes me about an hour to (messy) blow dry plus 35 min to flat iron. I used to get the Keratin treatment done at a salon when I lived in Miami because the stylist only charged $150 for my thick head and was referred to me by a close friend who had done the treatment several times with the same lady and has gorgeous hair. I now live in LA and have been struggling for a year to find a salon that would charge me under $250. The most inexpensive price I heard was treatment starts at $200 and goes up from there pending on length and thickness. My hair is up to my shoulders but extremely thick so I was quoted $275 with a 10% first time discount. I decided after price searching to take a leap of faith and see if I could do it myself. For the record, I HAVE NEVER DONE ANYTHING MYSELF TO MY HAIR. I figured I had done the treatment enough times to know the steps, plus with today's digital age, there's plenty of tutorials online. When I received the package, I freaked myself out and decided not to do it so the bottles hung out under my sink for a month until I worked up the courage to try it.What I used:Keratin Research Clarifying ShampooKeratin Research Keratin BottleA fine tooth comb ($2 from target)Hair color mixing bowl and application brush ($5 from Sallys beauty supply)A large ceramic round brush (one i stole from my mom years ago, don't know where she got it)8 duck teeth hair clipsBaby bliss pro blow dryerConair tourmaline hair iron ($65 from target)Hair straightening hair clamp comb ($6 sallys)Regular wet brush (normal prong brush from CVS, i think brand is revlon?)Face Mask and gloves (my husband works in a hospital so he brought those home for me)Application:I started the process at 7pm with the clarifying shampoo. My hair was pretty dirty so I washed it 3x using the clarifying shampoo to make sure all the oil was out. After the 2nd wash, my hair texture felt tougher then usual which is expected of the clarifying shampoo. It was hard to detangle and brush, just as my experiences in the past with salon treatment. My hair took about 40 minutes to blow dry using WARM setting instead of HOT setting on blow dryer. After, i sectioned my hair into 3 pieces and began (heart racing) applying the treatment. I used the application brush and applied the product about an inch away from scalp and half way down my hair on both sides, then used the fine tooth comb to remove excess. As i got closer to the front of my head, i began to smell the fumes but it was manageable (way better then the salon i used to go to in my opinion).After waiting the 20 minutes, i began to blow dry using WARM heat setting (not HOT setting). This process took me the longest because I have very a lot of hair. I used a combination between the round ceramic brush and regular wet brush because i became impatient. This process took about an hour and 15min, I did it outside on the balcony of my apartment with a fan blowing the fumes away. Once hair was completely dry, I began to iron. I went over each piece around 4-5x. This is where you really feel the fumes, however in my personal opinion the fumes were way worse in the salon. When the ironing was over, my hair was very straight, almost too straight for my personal style but thats what the process entails in order to seal the treatment. I left the treatment in for 3 days and ironed my hair (lightly, like 1x each strand) each of those days. I made sure not to put my hair up and just let it stay flat.Results:This product really does work. Same result as salon for half the price. I only used about a third of the bottle so this should last me another 2 treatments. My hair now dries some what acceptable, blow drying and styling time is cut substaintially (it takes me about 25-30 min to blowdry and iron my entire hair), my hair doesn't frizz in the rain, humidity, or with sweat AND most importantly, my hair did not burn off, fall out, or any other the problems. I am really pleased with this product and glad i decided to trust the other reviewers.