GK Hair Application Brush - Comb - GK Hair USA
GK Hair Application Brush - Comb - GK Hair USA

GK Hair Application Brush - Comb

Hair Tools

  • Color Application
  • Easy To Use
  • Brush/Comb
Apply your hair treatments and masques more efficiently with GK Hair Application Brush/Comb, a combination of brush and comb for even application. The brush also contains a long handle for precise sectioning and improved control.
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Use the GK Hair Application Brush/Comb for easy application of the Hair Taming System, Deep Conditioner Masque or Hair Color for even application. The Brush/Comb is a combination of a brush and comb, making sectioning more convenient. The Application Brush has a long handle for control and precision techniques.

Q: What is GK Hair Application Brush for?

A: The GK Hair Application Brush is a hair coloring tool designed to help you apply hair colors and treatments evenly and with more precision. It features both brush bristles and a comb to help you distribute products evenly throughout your hair.

Q: How do I use Application Brush?

A: The brush bristles are used to apply the hair color or treatment to your hair, while the comb helps to distribute the product evenly and ensure that no sections are missed. The Application Brush also has a long, lightweight handle for control and precision.

Q: Is Application Brush only for professional use?

A: No, GK Hair Color Application Brush is easy to use and requires no special skills or training. You can easily use it at home for a DIY hair project.

Q: Can it be used for any type of hair color or treatment?

A: The GK Hair Color Application Brush is suitable for any type of hair color or treatment, including permanent color, semi-permanent color, and hair keratin or deep conditioning treatments.

Q: How do I keep my Application Brush clean?

A: The GK Hair Color Application Brush should be cleaned after each use to remove any residual hair color or treatment. Simply rinse the brush with warm water and shampoo, then allow it to air dry before using it again.




All Hair Types


All Hair Types


All Hair Types

Key Benefits

  • Allows you to apply the treatment more accurately.
  • Convenient and easy to use.
  • Enables smooth and precise application.




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