Say No To Styling Mistakes With These Pro Hacks

Hair reflects one’s personality. The way you style your hair highlights whether you are high maintenance or modest. Yes, you have your natural texture and type, but there are many ways to manage and enhance your personality through your hair. Whether you decide to let it dance with the wind, or you go for a pretty up-do, there are some common hairstyling mistakes we make in the process of looking fab. Here are a few ways that can help us avoid the damage: 

Heat styling

We all want our hair to look manageable 24/7! Heat styling tools help us fulfill our wishes. However, this type of styling needs some prevention measures. Here are they:

  • Use a heat protectant like ThermalStyleHer.
  • Use a nourishing serum like GK Hair Argan Oil Serum
  • Invest in a good Flat Iron like D700 Titanium Flat Iron. It has a special wet and dry function. 

Intensive Braiding

Braids are an idiot proof way to make it through an event. However, once the event is over and you are unpinning these braids, you can see your tresses shaken and broken by the braiding experience. So in order to avoid these:

  • Avoid using too many products. 
  • Don’t braid your hair frequently. 
  • Use a Hair Serum that is lightweight.
  • You will want to consider using a good quality setting spray like GK Hair Dry Oil Spray
  • Make sure to deep condition your hair the next day. 

Wrong comb or brush

Combs or brushes are one of the most underrated styling tools. However, using the right tool is one of the biggest challenges of all times. Here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Section your hair in equal parts with a sectioning comb. 
  • Use section clips. They will not untangle your hair. 
  • Damp your hair to untangle. 
  • Always start from the ends to middle to untangle. 
  • Again, use a product that can help you untangle like a serum or Leave-In Conditioner Spray.


1. What are common hair styling mistakes and how can I avoid them?

Answer: Common hair styling mistakes include using too much heat, neglecting to use heat protectants, and overloading hair with products. To avoid these mistakes:

  • Use Heat Protectants: Always apply a heat protectant spray or serum before using any heat styling tools. This helps prevent damage and keeps your hair healthy.
  • Moderate Heat Settings: Use the lowest effective heat setting on your tools. High heat can cause unnecessary damage, especially if used frequently.
  • Less is More with Products: Start with a small amount of styling product and add more as needed. Too much product can weigh your hair down and make it look greasy.

2. How can I ensure my hairstyle lasts all day?

Answer: To make your hairstyle last all day, follow these pro hacks:

  • Prep Your Hair: Use a volumizing mousse or root lifter on damp hair before blow-drying to add body and hold.
  • Use the Right Tools: Invest in high-quality styling tools that distribute heat evenly and reduce damage.
  • Finish with Hairspray: Use a light to medium hold hairspray to set your style without making your hair stiff. For extra hold, spray your hair from a distance and avoid oversaturating any one area.

3. What are some tips for achieving salon-quality results at home?

Answer: Achieving salon-quality results at home can be easy with these tips:

  • Section Your Hair: Divide your hair into sections before styling. This ensures even application of heat and products, resulting in a more polished look.
  • Blow-Dry Correctly: Blow-dry your hair in the direction you want it to lay, using a round brush for smoothness and volume. Aim the nozzle downward to minimize frizz.
  • Use Professional-Grade Products: Invest in professional-grade hair products that match your hair type and styling needs. These products are often more effective and provide better results than drugstore alternatives.