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ThermalStyleHer Cream

Part heat-protectant and part styling cream - this hydration-boosting styler is the perfect sidekick to use before and after heat styling. Thermal StyleHer Cream leaves hair feeling silky, beautiful, and protected.

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Important Detail

After Shampoo and Conditioner, apply a small amount into palms and emulsify. Smooth through damp hair and blow dry.

Juvexin: (Keratin based anti-aging protein blend) protects your dry, brittle, color-damaged hair from the harsh environmental elements. 
Natural Seed Oils: Deliver deep hydration, leaving hair nourished and conditioned. 
Natural Grain Extracts: Bond to the hair cuticle and strengthen, protect hair from heat tools. 
Formulated without Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates, DEA and TEA. We use the best ingredients to help you achieve your ultimate hair goals.. 

  • Protects hair against heat styling.
  • Smoothes and strengthens.
  • Seals in moisture.

ThermalStyleHer Cream

Heat Protection

Protects against hair breakage from blow drying, straightening, and curling.

ThermalStyleHer Cream

Conditions and nourishes

Natural seed oils add a boost of hydration

ThermalStyleHer Cream


Juvexin protects each strand against environmental damage

ThermalStyleHer Cream
ThermalStyleHer Cream