The Ultimate Hair Care Guide For Curly Hair

We are going to go out on a limb here and say this out loud: nothing is as gorgeous as curly hair. From the texture to the bounce, each curl stays on fleek and looks incredibly amazing. Many people, however, cannot deal with the effort it takes to maintain healthy curly hair, and go for either a taming treatment, or a low-maintenance hair care routine. This damages your natural curl pattern, and you start to lose the bounce and body of your hair. Even the Curly Girl Method (CGM) becomes too hectic to carry on on low-energy days with all of the rules like pre-poo, low-poo, and whatnot. But fellas, not being able to take care of curly hair is a thing of the past now. The 21st century is all about embracing your natural hair and enhancing its real beauty. Your hair care depends on several factors, such as hair porosity, hair texture, hair moisture, and hair health. Therefore, it might take some experimentation to figure out what works best for your hair. Even if you’re not a fan of CGM, we’ve rounded up a few simple tips for you to improve your natural hair texture and take care of it without strictly following CGM: 

  • Cut Sulphates Out Of Your Routine

  • We’ve said this many times and we’re gonna say it again: say “no” to sulphates. Throw out every single hair care product including your basic shampoo, leave-in conditioner, and curling spray if it contains sulphates. Sulphate is a common chemical used in soaps and detergents to form lather. Since it’s a common hair myth that the more your shampoo creates lather, the cleaner your hair feels, sulphate has become a common chemical in hair care products as well, which rips off the natural moisture of your hair and leaves it dry and brittle. Therefore, cut sulphates out of your routine and switch your hair care products with the ones that are sulphate-free. 

  • Detangle Your Hair The Right Way

  • Curly hair is, in no way, like fine hair, and should not be treated as such. Detangling curly hair while it’s dry results in extreme frizz, breakage, and hair damage. Also, using a bristle brush to detangle curly hair is a big no. Throw away your old brush out of the window and get a wooden wide tooth comb for your curly locks. Detangle your hair only when you’re in the shower, and your hair is wet with lots of conditioner on. This will easily remove tangles and knots from your hair without any frizz and damage. Flip your hair upside down, apply lots of conditioner to lubricate your hair, and start detangling gently from the ends all the way to the top. Make sure you don’t pull your hair too hard since wet hair is prone to breakage. 



    Co-Wash To Get Rid Of Dryness


  • Co-Wash To Get Rid Of Dryness

  • Shampoo is the basic step of hair care; however, many people find it quite drying, and do not prefer to use shampoo on their hair. For such people, there’s a method called co-washing that can help in dealing with excessive dryness and keeping your hair hydrated. Co-washing involves using a conditioner to wash your hair instead of a shampoo. Since the conditioner has hydrating features, it doesn’t dry out your hair and maintains the moisture of it. People who co-wash have to clean their scalp with a scalp scrub once a month, so that the product buildup and clogged pores can be avoided.  

  • Throw Away Your Usual Towel

  • Did you know your towel is one of the reasons your curly hair has frizz? Outwitting the frizz is the toughest task we curly heads have to perform. Get rid of that godforsaken towel and use either a microfiber towel or a plain cotton T-shirt to dry your hair. Don’t rub your hair together like it’s the last time you’re drying your hair. Instead, pat your hair with the shirt to absorb excess water. We might be going a bit off-topic here, but a towel is not good even for your skin, as it has the ability to absorb moisture, which gives the bacteria a place to live and grow. This can mess with your skin and hair in many ways. Therefore, throw that towel in the darkest corner of the dumpster and vow to never get your hands on a towel again. 

  • Get Your Hands On A Curl Hair Spray

  • Curly hair, as gorgeous as it is, loses its curl pattern slowly over time. Therefore it is important to have a light-hold curl hair spray to hold curls into place for a longer period of time. The best curl refresher spray in Europe would have these qualities: 

    • It will not weigh your hair down. 
    • It will give your curls a good hold and keep them in place. 
    • It will give your hair a nourished, hydrated look and boost shine to it. 

    Our pick for the best spray for curly hair? Use GK Hair CurlsDefineHer Spray. This spray is particularly designed for wavy to curly hair texture, and is optimised to enhance spiral hair pattern. Owing to its healthy ingredients such as Juvexin, Natural Seed Oils, and Provitamin B5, CurlsDefineHer Spray gives an instant lift to your locks, boosts shine and bounce, and prevents further environmental damage. 


  • Try The LOC Method

  • For the curly pals with extremely dry hair that just doesn’t get better, the LOC method comes in handy. LOC stands for Liquid - Oil - Cream, and indicates towards the sequence you should follow to apply your leave-in products. When you step out of the shoer, the first product you should apply to your hair should be liquid, i.e. a leave-in conditioner such as GK Hair Leave-In Conditioner Spray. After the liquid comes the oil, such as GK Hair Argan Oil Serum. And then follows the cream, like ThermalStyleHer Cream. Following the LOC method to apply the products greatly helps in retaining the moisture in your hair and keep it from drying out. Some people also go with the LCO method, while applying the oil after the cream. You can follow any sequence, as long as it complements your curls. 


  • Plop Your Hair To Bring Out Those Curls

  •  One of the hacks to bring out the best of your curls is the plopping method. This method is used to dry your curls by wrapping the t-shirt or the towel around your hair, so that your hair remains self-contained and gains definition. After you’re done applying the leave-in products, turn your hair upside down, and wrap your microfiber towel or the shirt around your curls. Leave it on for overnight or so until your hair is completely dry. Once done, you’ll get hair so defined and nourished, you’ll never let go of plopping again


  • Say “thanks, but no” To Heat Styling

  • Once you start embracing your natural hair, cut out heat styling from your routine. Constantly flat ironing your curly hair to submission already destroyed most of your curl pattern as it is. Therefore, don’t think too much when it comes to putting down your heat-styler and going with your natural hair. Your hair is at its best when it’s perfectly healthy, and moisturised. Hence, my friend, it’s finally time for you to say “thanks, but no” to your styling tools. You can, however, diffuse your curls to add extra volume, if you’re not a fan of air-drying.  

  • Use A Silk/Satin Pillowcase
  • Since your hair is finally catching on to its natural curl pattern, it’s highly crucial to protect it from tangles, frizz, knots, breakage, and damage. Therefore, among the things that you’ve thrown out until now, add your ordinary pillowcase too. Use a silk/satin pillowcase or a silk bonnet to protect your hair from the friction while you sleep. Ordinary pillowcase can cause frizz and split-ends due to the friction that occurs between your hair and the pillow. A silk pillowcase, on the other hand, doesn’t cause friction, and lets your hair rest without worry.  

  • Deep Condition Once a Week
  • Curly hair is always at the stake of drying out due to its texture. Therefore, it’s important to deliver extra moisture to your hair every now and then to keep dryness away. Use a good deep conditioner mask, like GK Hair Deep Conditioner Treatment every once a week to keep your hair hydrated and moisturised. You can increase or decrease the usage once you determine the moisture needed for your hair.  

    A bonus tip: You look beautiful when you’re confident. Embrace your hair as it is, work on it to make it healthy, and wear it like a real boss. Your hair is your crowning glory; make sure you keep it safe!