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pH+ Shampoo

A deep cleansing shampoo that removes excess build up and is ideal to prep hair for a deep conditioning treatment.

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Important Detail

Apply to wet hair, massage into hair and lather. Leave on the hair for 1-3 minutes. Rinse and repeat up to 2 additional times for virgin hair when following with a GK Hair treatment.

Juvexin: (A keratin based anti-aging protein blend) restores and protects your hair from environmental damage. 
ALOE VERA: Simultaneously soothes and cleanses of impurities. 
PRO VITAMINS: Bind moisture to the hair shaft 

  • Leaves hair cleansed and prepped for the Hair Taming Formula Nourishes and fortifies the hair with Juvexin types

pH+ Shampoo

Cleanses Hair

Cleanses the hair and removes excess product buildup

pH+ Shampoo

Preps Hair For Taming Treatment

Opens up the hair cuticle and effectively preps the hair for Taming Treatment

pH+ Shampoo


Refreshes by restoring the natural pH of the hair

pH+ Shampoo
pH+ Shampoo