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Ion Pro Blow Dryer

A high performance blow dryer that styles hair efficiently, reduces heat damage and styling time in half with its advanced technology. The Ion Pro blow dryer effortlessly creates sleek strands, smooth flips and waves.

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Important Detail

Ensure switch is set to 0 before plugging the unit to electrical mains. Use high speed settings for drying hair and low speed settings for styling. Adjust the desired air flow.

  • Ionic technology traps in moisture to smooth hair
  • Infrared technology creates even air flow to protect hair health
  • Less noise, more power
  • Perfect for thick hair

Customer Reviews

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Ion Pro Blow Dryer


Blow dries the hair conventionally and creates sleek strands, smooth flips and waves

Ion Pro Blow Dryer

High Performance

The high performance blow dry is efficient yet easy to handle

Ion Pro Blow Dryer

Reduces Styling Time By Half

With its high power and performance, the Ion Pro blowdryer makes styling faster and more efficient

Ion Pro Blow Dryer
Ion Pro Blow Dryer