The Best Vegan Hair Treatment

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The Best Vegan Hair Treatment

The Best Vegan Hair Treatment

The Best Vegan Hair Treatment

The Best Vegan Hair Treatment
The Best Vegan Hair Treatment

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Fantastico prodotto.

Mi piace molto questo prodotto, È il marchio utilizzato dal mio stilista. Facile da usare. E a differenza di altri venditori, in realtà ricevo quello che si chiama migliore. (Perché prima di un altro fornitore usa una bottiglia di altro e basta mettere una decalcomania su di esso, un era aperto!) I miei capelli sono bene, e porosi così ogni pochi mesi faccio questo trattamento in modo da poter gestire facilmente i miei capelli, senza prendere un sacco di tempo.

James N.
Ottimo prodotto

Ottimo prodotto!! Capelli stirati Resiste all'umidità meglio di qualsiasi prodotto che ho usato.

Non ci sono concorrenti là fuori

In 40 anni non ho trovato nulla di simile! I miei capelli finiscono per essere morbidi, maneggevoli e richiedono poco o nessun tempo per spazzolarli. Se i tuoi capelli si aggrovigliano molto, questo prodotto fa per te.

3c to 3a - worked like a charm!

I used the product as a texturizer and it worked like a charm. I wanted to loosen my 3c curls as management was getting a little labor intensive. I followed the package instructions very precisely and washed my hair after two days. I was left with really cute ringlets and I love them. My husband helped me apply the product to my hair in the back but otherwise I was able to do it all on my own. I would highly recommend this product. I only used about 1/4 of the bottle, so I essentially get four keratin treatments for $80 - a huge bargain!

Dani Escobar
Check pictures!

I AM SO EXCITED I FOUND THIS PRODUCT! I am of Colombian ethnicity and my hair has always been curly, frizzy, and on the drier side. My hair is is also damaged from frequent heat styling and a few dye jobs. This keratin treatment made my hair feel a thousand times softer, less frizzy, and a lot straighter. I still have a few waves left in my hair, but I also did not use clarifying shampoo pre-treatment (because I didn't want to strip the color or toner from my hair). That said, this product is still amazing and I am so glad I gave it a shot! I also only used 1/4 of the bottle, and I have very long hair!PRE-TREATMENT: I did not use clarifying shampoo as instructed because I did not want to strip dye or toner from my hair. Instead, I washed with a sulfate free shampoo 3x and did not use conditioner. Then, I allowed my hair to air-dry.THE APPLICATION: I strongly suggest doing this project in a very well ventilated area + using gloves. I sectioned my hair and then used a brush to paint the product onto the top half of the strand. I then used a very-fine tooth plastic comb to brush the product through the ends. After my whole head was covered, I let the product sit and air-dry for about 30 minutes before blow drying on low heat. Finally, I straightened the heck out of my hair. I used a ceramic straightener at 390˚F (I didn't want to fry my hair) and straightened sections until there were no longer visible fumes or "steam" coming the hair after passing the straightener from it. After this process, I was expecting silky smooth hair. However, my hair felt filmy, sticky, and kind of gross. Looking back, I may have used too much product. I stuck it out for 24 hours, and then washed. After shampooing in the shower, I immediately knew the treatment had worked. My hair felt very soft and smooth, even while wet!THE FUMES: This product does have formaldehyde in it (2%). I strongly suggest wearing gloves and performing the treatment in a well ventilated area. The fumes are VERY unpleasant and carcinogenic. I did the treatment outside on my porch, with a box fan pointed straight at me. This made the fumes totally tolerable.THE RESULTS: I attached pictures but they do not do justice to the silkiness of my cuticles . The left is immediately pre-treatment, and the right is after the first wash. My hair is not pin-straight, but I also did not follow the directions completely (I skipped the clarifying shampoo and 450˚F). That said, my hair is SO much silkier and straighter. I will update with how long this lasts :)UPDATE: It's been a month and my hair is still silky! I haven't noticed any changes yet but will again update when my hair returns to its fried, dry, normal self and I need to re-do the application