What To Buy? The Best Christmas Gift Ideas For 2022

What To Buy? The Best Christmas Gift Ideas For 2022

Happy holidays everyone! We know you have long plans lined up for the best days of the year. Everything from your outfit to your hair ‘do is pre-planned for the Christmas party and New Year’s Eve. But have you thought about Christmas gifts yet? How do you plan on making the holidays of your loved ones better? Stay tuned, because GK Hair has a few off-the-top-of-our-head ideas that you’re definitely going to find intriguing and interesting for a typical Christmas gift + holiday hair care 2022
Taking Care pf Your Curls - GK Hair Europe

The Ultimate Hair Care Guide For Curly Hair

We are going to go out on a limb here and say this out loud: nothing is as gorgeous as curly hair. From the texture to the bounce, each curl stays on fleek and looks incredibly amazing. Many people, however, cannot deal with the effort it takes to maintain healthy curly hair, and go for either a taming treatment, or a low-maintenance hair care routine.
Hair Hacks To Have Healthier Wavy Hair | GK Hair

Hair Hacks To Have Healthier Wavy Hair | GK Hair

You have no idea how lucky you are if you have naturally wavy hair. The texture, the volume, and the type; everything is longed for by the rest of the hair types. Besides, wavy hair lies somewhere between oily, thin straight hair and dry, coarse curly hair. It is the perfect balance of oil and dr...
A Glance At GK Hair Shampoo And Conditioner Range

A Glance At GK Hair Shampoo And Conditioner Range - Haircare For All

Here’s a fact: every hair type is different from the other and needs a different hair care regimen. What works for your friend with dry hair can’t possibly work for your oily hair too. Hence, to reduce the hassle of trying to find the right hair care products for you, GK Hair offers a wide range of sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner duos formulated for every kind of hair, be it dry, greasy, damaged, color-treated, or combination.

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Pros And Cons Of A Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatments are very popular in the industry of hair care. Almost everything that goes wrong with your hair, a keratin treatment can fix, be it dryness, dullness, split-ends, hair knots, breakage, or a gone-wrong chemical treatment that wreaked havoc to your strands. It has the tendency to repair your hair from the inside out, and restore its natural brilliance. But how does a keratin treatment work?

5 Hacks To Try If Your Hair Is Dry

Here’s What You Should Do If Your Hair Is Dry

Here’s the truth: half of the problems that your hair faces is the mere consequence of dryness. You cannot counteract concerns like hair breakage, frizz, brittleness, split-ends, and dullness unless you act against dryness. The science behind this claim is that since dry hair has its cuticles wide open, the hair is vulnerable and prone to attracting multiple hair troubles.
The Ultimate Hair Care Guide For Everyone

The Ultimate Hair Care Guide For Everyone

A hair care routine is just like a skincare one; you have to be experimental to figure out what works for your hair. This can get a little tricky and time-taking, as the hair doesn’t respond well to every product you apply. There’s a chance your hair might start to look super-dry, or super-nourished; it all depends on what your hair needs.
5-Step Guide to Master the Wet Hair Look

5-Step Guide to Master the Wet Hair Look

Whether you’re a fan of red carpets or not, you might have come across the pictures of Kim Kardashian or Bella Hadid or Kendall Jenner doing rounds on social media with that sleek, wet hair look, and you might be wondering, “what’s up with this look?” Almost everyone wants to go out of their usual way to try that classy, chic hair look, but have no idea how to begin.