Styling your hair to hide something? Whether you have your hair tied up in a fancy bun, rocking bangs or elbow-length layers, beautiful and healthy hair is your greatest accessory. But what we don't realise is that this is actually traumatising our hair strands and we might damage our greatest accessory. It will need some extra TLC. 

Without proper care, it causes breakage, dryness, and splitting.

Taking care of yours can actually help you transform your hair. Dry hair, split ends, brittle hair, over-processed locks, flyaways, and static can make styling nothing shy of a nightmare. Things are further aggravated in the autumn months or after getting a lot of summer sun. If you are dealing with these issues regularly, then clearly your conditioner is not cutting the mustard. It’s a sign that you probably need to question your loyalty to your current hair care routine. 


BTW meet Carol….


Best Deep Hair Conditioner in Europe - Deep Keratin Treatment


How Carol Rediscovered her Silky and Shiny Hair:

Bad hair days for Carol - single mom working in retail - were simply not ending. She was trying everything she could, but the hair health and condition were continuously degrading with time. From one brand to another, she was constantly switching. She has tried ten different shampoos, conditioners, and aftercare products almost every year. The misery is not ending. One day, a regular visitor to the store where she worked at, whom she had also become friends with, recommended Deep Conditioning of GK Hair

Carol was sick of experimenting with her hair, but after persuasion, she finally agreed. She contacted GK Hair through the website and they located a salon specialising in conditioning. Her heart simply warmed at how the customer support had treated her! She visited the salon and got the treatment done. It was a simple, not very time-consuming procedure

When they rinsed the product off, she could feel her hair to be velvety soft. She hadn’t felt it in so long that she’d forgotten how it was like touching silky and shiny hair. After the flat iron, this rich, velvety balm dramatically helped restore vibrant health and high-gloss shine to her particularly damaged hair. Her thirsty hair drank it all up and fell in love with it. She could barely contain the excitement because her hair felt like a waterfall of silky pearl-water shimmering down her shoulders and she couldn’t help touching it.



How it changed her life

One year has passed since she got her first Best Hair Treatment Kit. She goes for deep conditioning after every two to three months and swears by GK Hair aftercare and styling products religiously. GK Hair products have Juvexin which is non-hydrolysed Keratin that not only prevents hair damage but also mends it. Her hair health and integrity has improved impeccably: it’s more full of life, stronger, and fuller. It is as if she has traded her dull and dry tresses for beautiful, silky and shiny hair. She has had such a remarkable experience that she recommends GK Hair to almost everyone. It’s amazing how little things make such a tremendous impact on our lives and how strangely something comes into our life and becomes irrevocably important. You can also try using GK Hair Deep Conditioner mask as it will do the job of the salon in just 20 minutes.