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The Best Vegan Hair Treatment

Revive your dry, lifeless locks with GK Hair Vegan Hair Treatment, a treatment that has been developed to serve the vegan audience. This treatment lasts for up to 4-6 months, l. . .
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Revive your dry, lifeless locks with GK Hair Vegan Hair Treatment, a treatment that has been developed to serve the vegan audience. This treatment lasts for up to 4-6 months, leaving your hair soft, smooth and manageable. It delivers extraordinary results on every hair type and texture. This formula is safe to use on color-treated hair and does not disrupt your hair color. Vegan Hair Treatment comes in two flavors- The Best Acai Hair Treatment and The Best Coco Hair Treatment. What makes these two special? They contain Vegan Juvexin, also called Juvexin V2, which is a blend of Pea and Quinoa. It helps in maintaining the natural brilliance of hair by protecting it against environmental damage. The Vegan Hair Treatment complements your vegan hair care, and helps in smoothing the hair from the inside out by giving a dose of moisture and hydration. Make sure to follow up with GK Hair Hemp Shampoo and Conditioner for perfect aftercare. Also available in Europe.
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Important Detail

Wash hair twice with the pH+ Shampoo before the application to open up the cuticles. Each shampoo should be left on the hair for three minutes per application to open the cuticles properly. Avoid massaging scalp. Section the hair. Apply 1⁄4 inch away from the scalp. Process the hair for 40-60 minutes. Rinse the hair with warm water until the hair is free of The Best Coco. If hair is color treated or porous, shampoo with GK Hair Color Protection Moisturizing Shampoo then rinse. Apply the Deep Conditioner for five minutes then rinse. Blow dry the hair and flat Iron to seal the cuticles. 

Juvexin V2: A special protein blend of superfoods for your hair that instantly tame down unruly hair. Extracted naturally plant based sources: Pea and Quinoa, Juvenix V2 favors both, your vegan lifestyle and the environment. It replenishes hair’s natural keratin protein lost by excessive heating or styling. It makes up a protective shield to refrain the hair from future damage. 
Coconut Oil: Delivers deep hydration from roots to tip. It smoothes flyways and detangles dry ends to fight frizz and make hair gorgeously straight. 
Vitamin E: High in antioxidants supply, it pulls double duty by restoring hair’s elasticity and providing extra protection to brittle strands. 
Goji Berry: Has a detoxifying impact on the hair. Puts hair breakage worries to rest. 

  • Nourishes and Strengthens Hair
  • Reduces Styling Time
  • Smooths and Strengthens
  • Easy application

The Best Vegan Hair Treatment

Eliminates Frizz and Curls

Locks in deep hydration and tames flyaways and frizz for a flawless look.

The Best Vegan Hair Treatment

Prolongs Hair Life

Reinforces strands for added strength while encouraging re-growth

The Best Vegan Hair Treatment

Strengthens Hair

Vegan Juvexin prevents degradation and restores mane’s natural brilliance.

The Best Vegan Hair Treatment
The Best Vegan Hair Treatment

Customer Reviews

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The Best Vegan Hair Treatment

Fantastico prodotto.

Mi piace molto questo prodotto, È il marchio utilizzato dal mio stilista. Facile da usare. E a differenza di altri venditori, in realtà ricevo quello che si chiama migliore. (Perché prima di un altro fornitore usa una bottiglia di altro e basta mettere una decalcomania su di esso, un era aperto!) I miei capelli sono bene, e porosi così ogni pochi mesi faccio questo trattamento in modo da poter gestire facilmente i miei capelli, senza prendere un sacco di tempo.

James N.
Ottimo prodotto

Ottimo prodotto!! Capelli stirati Resiste all'umidità meglio di qualsiasi prodotto che ho usato.

Non ci sono concorrenti là fuori

In 40 anni non ho trovato nulla di simile! I miei capelli finiscono per essere morbidi, maneggevoli e richiedono poco o nessun tempo per spazzolarli. Se i tuoi capelli si aggrovigliano molto, questo prodotto fa per te.

3c to 3a - worked like a charm!

I used the product as a texturizer and it worked like a charm. I wanted to loosen my 3c curls as management was getting a little labor intensive. I followed the package instructions very precisely and washed my hair after two days. I was left with really cute ringlets and I love them. My husband helped me apply the product to my hair in the back but otherwise I was able to do it all on my own. I would highly recommend this product. I only used about 1/4 of the bottle, so I essentially get four keratin treatments for $80 - a huge bargain!