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Intense Moisture Pack

Ces Shampoing et Conditioner apaisants offrent un nettoyage en profondeur des cheveux normaux ou gras. Ils purifen. . .
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Ces Shampoing et Conditioner apaisants offrent un nettoyage en profondeur des cheveux normaux ou gras. Ils purifent et hydratent délicatement les cheveux de la racine aux pointes.
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Faites mousser, massez et rincez. Complétez avec le soin Balanciong Conditioner pour des cheveux doux et soyeux.

Juvexin (una miscela proteica anti-invecchiamento) a base di cheratina protegge i tuoi capelli secchi, fragili e danneggiati dal colore dai duri elementi ambientali 

Gli oli di semi naturali 

forniscono idratazione, lasciando i capelli nutriti e condizionati 

Gli estratti vegetali naturali ammorbidiscono e bilanciano i capelli capelli, offrendo un'idratazione delicata ai capelli da normali a grassi I prodotti GK Hair sono privi di 

solfati, Parabeni, ftalati, DEA, TEA o glutine

Usiamo i migliori ingredienti per aiutare a raggiungere i tuoi obiettivi per i tuoi capelli. 

Ce duo de Shampoing et Conditioner dompte les cheveux gras en nettoyant et équilibrant de vos niveaux naturels de pH, laissant les cheveux lisses, brillants et frais.

Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews
I want my hair to grow and get ticker

It say I have to use it every day ,so far I havent been able to do that . And it takes 3 months to see improvement and its only 2weeks! So stay tune,I will let up knew !

shoify Customer
First impression

In my first wash I see my hair more healthy And I love the volume added

Gregorio Perrino
Thanks. Thanks a million

It's my second product I'll use for my hair. He working very very good. Now I have my hair back. No more lost with this Serum. Thanks a million

Lili Su
My Hair falling stopped

It really works!! I noticed my hair falling out considerably changed after two weeks using it.

great product

It does clean your hair and scalp. Leaves very clean feel after shampoo.I love the smell of it. fragrance is not too strong.But, it does require multiple pump to have that foaminess on mid long hair.Mine goes below shoulder and with couple of pumps, it does not have enough foaming to clean my hair.I need to pump 3~4 times.Other than that, it does clean very well.I definitely saw less hair loosing, but unfortunately, no hair growth either.