5-Step Guide to Master the Wet Hair Look

Whether you’re a fan of red carpets or not, you might have come across the pictures of Kim Kardashian or Bella Hadid or Kendall Jenner doing rounds on social media with that sleek, wet hair look, and you might be wondering, “what’s up with this look?” Almost everyone wants to go out of their usual way to try that classy, chic hair look, but have no idea how to begin. Well, we’re here to help you out, aren’t we? Although quite appealing, it’s not difficult to recreate this look at home. This blog will show you a 5-step guide on how to style your hair yourself and create that perfect wet hair look. 

  • Go With The “Damp” Hair: 

  • Don’t let the name of the look fool you; it’s a trap. To begin with, your hair should be damp, not wet. Styling your hair straight out of the shower might not be able to give you the perfect look that you want, since dripping wet hair doesn’t allow the hair gel to stick properly (which is the key to perfection). If you’ve just had a hair wash, let your hair dry off a little before you start; or if your hair is already dry, spray a few spritzes of clean water to dampen your hair. Comb through your hair to spread the water evenly so that no section remains dry. 


  • Combine Your Hair Gel With Cream: 

  • Once the hair’s damp, mix your hair gel with the hair cream. You can use either of them separately, but that might not work as well as you expect. Hair gels tend to make your hair crunchy, while a hair cream makes it greasy. Hence, the best tactic is to mix both. Contrary to the popular belief that you gotta apply bulks of gel to hold the hair, run a small amount first to measure your hair need. Fine hair might need a lesser amount of hair as compared to thick hair. You want the hair to stay put, not to stick together or make clumps. 


  •  Customize Your Look:

  • Once the product is applied on, pick your comb and work your way through your hair to create the desired sleek look. If you want a clumpy, wet look, use a wide-tooth comb. For a smoother, finer look, use a fine comb or a soft bristle brush. What you pick entirely depends on the kind of finishing look that you desire. 



  • Add A Glossy Touch: 

  • Using cream-gel mixture to work the rest of your hair might not be a good idea, as it will heavily weigh down your hair, ruining the entire look. To match the lengths with the roots, use a few spritzes of a shine spray to add gloss and shine. A quality gloss spray like GK Hair Dry Oil Shine Spray would nicely do the trick, and give your hair the ultimate wet look. 


  • Time For A Hairspray: 

  • Surely, you don’t wanna run towards the restroom every ten minutes to fix the pieces that are falling out. Therefore, seal your hair with a quality hair spray that would keep it in place all day long. Blow dry your hair after spraying to make sure it stays put throughout. 

    And voila! You’ve nailed the wet hair look. Rock the day like a boss!



    1. What's the key to achieving the perfect wet hair look?

    The key to achieving the perfect wet hair look lies in starting with damp, not wet, hair. Styling right after a shower may not give the desired results, as dripping wet hair doesn't allow the hair gel to adhere properly. To begin, let your hair dry a bit after washing or spritz clean water to dampen it. Comb through to ensure even dampness.

    2. Do I need to use both hair gel and cream for the wet hair look?

    Yes, it's recommended to combine hair gel with hair cream for the best results. Hair gel alone can make the hair crunchy, while hair cream may result in greasiness. Mixing both creates a balance, providing hold without making the hair clumpy. It's important to apply a small amount initially, adjusting based on your hair type. Fine hair may require less product compared to thicker hair.

    3. How can I customize my wet hair look?

    Customizing your wet hair look involves using the right comb or brush to achieve your desired finish. For a clumpy, wet appearance, use a wide-tooth comb. If you prefer a smoother, finer look, opt for a fine comb or a soft bristle brush. The choice depends on your desired outcome, allowing you to create a sleek and polished appearance.