Pros And Cons Of A Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatments are very popular in the industry of hair care. Almost everything that goes wrong with your hair, a keratin treatment can fix, be it dryness, dullness, split-ends, hair knots, breakage, or a gone-wrong chemical treatment that wreaked havoc to your strands. It has the tendency to repair your hair from the inside out, and restore its natural brilliance. But how does a keratin treatment work?

Human hair consists of two layers: Hair cortex and hair cuticles (often there’s a third layer called hair medulla in coarse, thick hair, which exists right in the middle of the hair cortex). Hair cuticles are the scales located at the outermost layer of the hair, and their job is to protect the hair cortex containing keratin and moisture. The cuticles of healthy hair are tightly closed together, preventing moisture from escaping and keeping the hair nourished. The hair cuticle also protects the hair from UV damage and pollutants in the environment. These cuticles are raised wide open when the hair is damaged due to certain stressors, creating gaps. This results in moisture and protein loss, and the hair appears damaged, frizzy, and dry. If the damage continues to occur, the hair cuticles will start to break, resulting in hair breakage and excessive dryness.

This is where a keratin treatment comes in. A keratin treatment consists of keratin and natural proteins as the key ingredient. When applied, it delivers hydration and nourishment to the hair, and fills in cuticle gaps to prevent further moisture loss. This restores hair moisture, rebuilds the hair, repairs the hair cuticles, and leaves it healthy, smooth, and damage-free. 



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Pros of a keratin treatment

Damage Repair

The keratin treatment repairs all of the damage and keeps your hair healthy for several months. It nourishes and nurtures the hair while keeping its natural moisture and protein.

A Boost of Shine 

The hair has the tendency to shine and reflect light when it is properly hydrated. A keratin treatment maintains hair's natural moisture level, which improves the look of the hair, and makes it appear shinier than before.

It’s All Natural 

Since it contains zero formaldehyde and is developed with natural ingredients, keratin treatment is considered superior to all other hair treatments. It nourishes your hair from the inside out and keeps it soft, smooth and healthy,

Cuticle Repair 

According to research, our hair is 80% less prone to breakage when the cuticles are properly healthy, and tightly closed. A keratin treatment makes hair stronger and fuller by repairing the hair cuticles and sealing the gaps. 

Manageable Hair

Keratin treatment makes hair more manageable by changing the texture and reducing the wave-and-curl pattern for up to 6 months. This also cuts down on the time it takes to style your hair every day.

At-Home Feasibility

Although a keratin treatment is preferably done by a salon professional, some of the keratin treatments, like GK Hair The Best Treatment offers easy application and at-home feasibility. For folks who have trouble running to salons for the treatment, you can easily give yourself a keratin treatment at home.  


Now that the pros are discussed, let’s move on to the downsides of a keratin treatment


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Cons of a keratin treatment 

No Change In The Internal Hair Texture

Although keratin treatment alters your hair texture for a while, it has no effect on the internal texture and bonding of your hair. As a result, after the treatment wears off, your hair returns to its natural state. The internal structure can only be altered with a chemical treatment containing formaldehyde, which breaks the hair bonds and re-bonds it back.

Reduced Hair Wash

You'll have to reduce the number of times you wash your hair to only once to twice a week after getting a keratin treatment, since the shampoo's cleansing properties may conflict with the treatment's effects, causing it to wear off sooner than it should.

And this pretty much sums up the pros and cons of a keratin treatment. Looking at the cons, we can claim that keratin treatment is safe to use, and an ideal option to go with if your hair needs a makeover. Our pick for a keratin treatment? GK Hair The Best Treatment. Infused with an advanced keratin blend called Juvexin, The Best Treatment delivers optimal results by repairing the hair shaft from the inside out, and restoring its natural youthfulness. Its formaldehyde-free formula protects your hair from further damage, and maintains overall hair health, keeping it smooth and sleek for up to 6 months.