Grab These BIGGEST Black Friday + Cyber Monday Deals For Different Hair Textures!

For those who haven’t yet stocked up on Holiday hair care essentials, your moment has come! GK Hair has finally announced what y’all have been waiting for: Black Friday 2022- The Biggest Sale Of The Year. The dates have been set, and deals have been planned; all you have to do is highlight your calendars, and prepare your winter hair care arsenal with huge deals and discounts. 

So, what does the Best Black Friday sale actually hold? On ordering between Nov 21st-30th, you get up to 25% OFF storewide. Not only this, our Best Black Friday Exclusive Mega Deals hold up to 50% OFF with BOGO deals on GK Hair bestsellers. Missed out on Black Friday by chance? Don’t you worry, Cyber Monday is still here with the same deals and discounts to kick off your holidays, no matter what hair type. 

But here’s the trouble: How do you pick out the perfect product for your hair? How do you decide which bundle is ‘the one’ for your mane? No worries, we’ve got you covered here as well. Have a look at these Black Friday + Cyber Monday deals for different hair needs, types, and textures. 

BFCM Specials For Dry Hair

Hair deals for black friday

Dry hair is the biggest concern in winter due to the very fact that it brings many other hair calamities along, such as frizz, brittless, roughness, hair knots, tangles, flyaways, breakage and split-ends. Hence, a BFCM deal is the perfect opportunity to get something for your hair so it can survive the winters without being bothered. GK Hair Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner Duo is the perfect hair care staple to keep hair hydrated and moisturised throughout winters. Our bestseller Argan Oil Serum is also like a pixie dust in a container. When paired with Leave-In Conditioner Cream, this little package here becomes the intense moisture pack, which you can get in 15% off the order value. 

BFCM Specials For Color-Treated Hair

Yeah, we are well aware of the troubles of colour-treated hair and its pain-in-the-thumb maintenance. But GK Hair makes it way easier with a simple, classified haircare arsenal to protect and maintain colour-treated hair throughout. GK Hair has the best Black Friday deals on shampoo and conditioner range, which also involves colour-safe duos such as Moisturizing Duo and Shield Duo. If you fear your hair colour fading out too soon? Lock Me Color Masque is here to save the day. A dual-action deep conditioning aid that not only hydrates your hair but also prolongs the vibrance and longevity of your hair colour, that too on 25% off. Running off to the store yet? 

BFCM Specials For Damaged Hair

There are many reasons for damaged hair, but the ones most common in the winter are prolonged sun exposure and unprotected heat styling. So, a hair care bundle which offers heat + UV/UVA protection is going to be your best shot against damage. GK Hair Shield Shampoo and Conditioner Duo is designed to protect hair from the detrimental effects of UV/UVA rays and retains the natural hair moisture. For extra caution while facing the sun, Dry Oil Shine Spray comes in very handy as it keeps your hair perfectly smooth and sleek while protecting it from sun damage. Guess what? This Black Friday, buy a Shield Shampoo and Conditioner Duo, and get a Dry Oil Shine Spray for free, which gives you up to 25% discount on your purchase. So kick off your holiday hair troubles and enjoy sunbathing without worry. 

BFCM Specials For Oily Hair

You’d think since the weather is dry and brittle, your oily hair might get some relief from excess grease too. Most likely not. Oily hair has a problem of disrupted pH and our Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner Duo is at your service. Its gentle cleansing formula helps balance out the hair’s natural pH and controls excessive oil production in your hair. So make the most of our BFCM + Thanksgiving deals and get your hands on this oil-busting solution with big discounts. 

BFCM Specials For Wavy/Curly Hair

Black friday deals for curly hair

Textured hair can really be a handful if not taken proper care of. Therefore, GK Hair offers you hefty discounts along with big Black Friday deals on hair tools and products. Enter CurlsDefinerHer Cream. Just get it from the big sale, apply it on to your textured hair and enjoy smooth, frizz-free, super enhanced waves + curls that go better with each second. 

Now, hold up there. If joining the cult of straight-haired people is your dream, we’ve got you covered there too. The BIGGEST deal of the year, FLAT 50% OFF Black Friday Sale on hair straighteners is here, which offers a ‘Buy One, Get One FREE’. All you have to do is pick a flat iron/blow-dryer of your choice, and get another flat iron/blow-dryer for FREE, that too of your choice. It’s about time you drop everything you’re doing, head over to our official web store, and start adding to cart now. 

BFCM Specials For Blonde Hair 

Cyber monday deals for blonde hair types

Blonde hair has different troubles altogether. Unwanted orange/yellow/brassy undertones showing up every now and then, excessively dry and highly porous hair, colour toning and refreshing every week or so; we get it all. Lucky for you, GK Hair has an entire hair care range solely dedicated to blonde hair. From shampoo and conditioner to taming and repairing treatments, you can get anything on huge savings. 

BFCM Specials For Combination Hair 

Man, this one is tricky. If on some days your hair feels dry and on others it’s all greasy, and you can’t figure out what the matter with your hair is, our Gold Shampoo and Conditioner is your best bet. Powered with Juvexin, aloe vera and shea butter, this Duo gently cleanses your hair of impurities, product buildup and excess oil while maintaining the hair’s natural brilliance and moisture. Get this Duo from our Black Friday Holiday Deals, and enjoy big savings on big purchases. 

BFCM Specials For Christmas Gift Baskets

hair care deals black firday 2022

What is the secret Santa planning to give out to friends and family this Christmas? A special something, maybe? This year, go out of your way to show love and care for your FnF with this pack of 24 mini Argan Oil Hair Serums. And what’s even better? You can save up to 33% OFF your purchase with our Black Friday + Cyber Monday deals. So get yourself the best deal of the year and sneak the serums into your gift baskets!

Now that you have everything you need, pick out your bundle and slay your winter hair care. Save the date for Nov 22nd, don’t miss out!